In 2020, Wee Hur Hospitality was incorporated to spearhead property management for Wee Hur’s PBSA portfolio in Australia. Wee Hur Hospitality subsequently launched our premier brand “Y Suites” in September 2020, out of our vision to develop a global student accommodation brand that puts student experience at the forefront of its mission. The foundation of Y Suites rests on Wee Hur’s presence in the Australian PBSA industry for the past six years. With our insights and experience in operations, sales and marketing, setting up Y Suites is a natural progression to streamline our capabilities and achieve our long-term vision and strategic goals in the PBSA industry.

The Y Suites team has invested heavily in developing capabilities in reservation and sales, marketing, customer service, property management, and business development. Being an innovation and customer-service driven brand, we have spearheaded several digitalisation efforts to increase automation and enhance customer service touchpoints. This includes end-to-end integration with other software platforms that could deliver services more efficiently and capture data more accurately. Ultimately, the goal is to curate an entire digital architecture that will support our business objective of being exceptional in customer service.

We have partnered with UniLodge under a white label agreement, where Y Suites is the strategic brand driver for marketing, sales and reservations while UniLodge is appointed as the property manager.

Y Suites on Waymouth, the first property to be managed under the Y Suites brand, is slated to commence operations once the borders closure is lifted. It is located at the heart of Adelaide’s city centre, with only a short walking distance to Adelaide’s education institutions, Chinatown, and Adelaide’s iconic central market.  Y Suites will progressively manage the rest of the properties owned by Wee Hur PBSA Master Trust and Wee Hur PBSA Fund II. Please click below for more information.